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Here's a complete set of back issues of The Embedded Muse.

Issue Date Contents
Muse 401 07-06-2020 Software metrics, oscilloscope zone triggering and Software elements out of contest
Muse 400 06-15-2020 The cost of firmware and more on state machines v. RTOSes.
Muse 399 06-01-2020 A review of the Logic Cube Pro logic analyzer, more on RTOSes v state machines, and thoughts on expectations
Muse 398 05-18-2020 Thoughts on Design by Contract, RTOS v state machines, and a way cool new oscilloscope feature
Muse 397 05-04-2020 uC/OS going open source, the 2020 embedded engineer salary survey, and thoughts about ultra low power subthreshold processors
Muse 396 04-20-2020 More about reuse, sequence points in C and precedence rules
Muse 395 04-06-2020 Some reuse statistics and a bunch of funny temperature anomalies
Muse 394 03-16-2020 More fast trig, the Joel test and thoughts about the IEEE and ACM
Muse 393 03-03-2020 Thoughts on management, working overtime, and timing info on trig on a Cortex M4F
Muse 392 02-17-2020 Thoughts on management and a history of the 1802 processor
Muse 391 02-03-2020 The Futility of Testing, a review of SEGGER's J-Trace Pro and Ozone debugger, and more New Year's resolutions
Muse 390 01-20-2020 Thoughts on requirements documents and e-voting
Muse 389 01-06-2020 New Year's resolutions for firmware developers, how to interface to humans, and thoughts on a million lines of code
Muse 388 12-16-2019 Do-178C requirements, benchmarking firmware teams, more on Rust and a follow-up on R&D
Muse 387 12-02-2019 Thoughts on the Rust language in embedded systems, data on encoder bouncing, and thoughts about why there's no such thing as R&D.
Muse 386 11-18-2019 More on honesty in scheduling and VDC embedded survey results
Muse 385 11-04-2019 Lots of tips, more on encoders, and the question of honesty in scheduling
Muse 384 10-18-2019 A low-cost performance analyzer, more on low-power design, and a background on encoders
Muse 383 10-07-2019 More thoughts on convolutions and ultra-low power design
Muse 382 09-16-2019 Thoughts on designing ultra-low power systems, a review of a $50 VNA, and more on comments
Muse 381 09-03-2019 The top ten reasons for project failures and thoughts on function headers
Muse 380 08-19-2019 Single-pixel errors that confuse AI, and a comparison of code inspections v. assertions v. static analysis
Muse 379 08-05-2019 Thoughts on testing, the design of a rise-time improver, and a discussion of inspections vs static analysis
Muse 378 07-15-2019 Thoughts about getting code right, code inspections, and Apollo resources
Muse 377 07-01-2019 Ideas about multicore scaling, a review of Siglent's SDS5034X oscilloscope, more on test points and asserts
Muse 376 06-17-2019 Ideas about the assert() macro and more on ground points
Muse 375 06-03-2019 Thoughts about security regulations, firmware stability and the most important feature in an oscilloscope
Muse 374 05-20-2019 Thoughts on the 737 Max, a review of the DS213 mini-DSO, and a Labrecon review
Muse 373 05-05-2019 Scope color temperature ideas, a lesson from the 737MAX for all of us, and a review of Embedded in Embedded.
Muse 372 04-15-2019 Hints on the scope color temperature feature, metamorphic testing, and more on software warranties.
Muse 371 04-01-2019 The April Fool's issue.
Muse 370 03-18-2019 More on software warranties, more data on the Cortex M4 FPU speed, and thoughts about perfection vs resilience in firmware.
Muse 369 03-04-2019 The measured performance of the Cortex M FPU, thoughts about software warranties, and a proposed fourth law of robotics.
Muse 368 02-18-2019 A review of the Joulescope, a look back at old scopes, and a warning about AI
Muse 367 02-04-2019 A review of Keysight's DSOX1204G scope, more on AI, and debouncing ideas.
Muse 366 01-22-2019 Debounce code, thoughts on AI ("Ain't Intelligent") and more debugging strategies.
Muse 365 01-07-2019 Lots of insight on watchdog timers.
Muse 364 12-17-2018 Watchdog timers, hints for auditing firmware teams, and an embedded debugging alternative to printf().
Muse 363 12-03-2018 SOUP, more advice to a young developer, and more on legacy code.
Muse 362 11-19-2018 Thoughts for young developers, review of a voltage standard, and a story about electronic elections.
Muse 361 11-05-2018 Inexpensive scope probes, and testing firmware.
Muse 360 10-15-2018 Testing firmware and a review of Owon's VDS1022I USB scope.
Muse 359 10-01-2018 Fixed point math, thoughts on tools, and embedded development in the early days.
Muse 358 09-17-2018 Configuration recovery, and using a scope's mask feature to find hardware and software problems.
Muse 357 09-03-2018 Testing firmware, asynch sampling, increasing the resolution of an ADC, and more on initializing variables.
Muse 356 08-20-2018 Async sampling, avoiding initialization bugs, and increasing an ADC's resolution.
Muse 355 08-06-2018 Operator precedence, firmware process improvement and asynchronous sampling.
Muse 354 07-16-2018 A recap of the sound static analysis workshop, on getting old, and a trick using De Morgan's laws to simplify firmware.
Muse 353 07-02-2018 Firmware rules of thumb, a re-review of the Siglent SDS1102CML scope, and some bounce-free switches.
Muse 352 06-18-2018 MISRA-C, a review of the Zeroplus scope, and a review of The Perfectionists.
Muse 351 06-04-2018 Power management, tin whiskers, and a review of the Zeroplus LAP-C logic analyzer.
Muse 350 05-21-2018 Tin whiskers, a rebuttal to an article claiming deeply-embedded people will disappear, and a final installment about software quality.
Muse 349 05-07-2018 Tech magazines, shipping buggy code, and the Boston ESC.
Muse 348 04-16-2018 Fast bug fixes, magazines we should read, and a fluid computer.
Muse 347 04-01-2018 Results of the embedded salary survey and some April Fools stories.
Muse 346 03-19-2018 A UART buffering scheme and notes on Embedded World 2018.
Muse 345 03-05-2018 A fire code for software, and more musings on bugs vs errors.
Muse 344 02-19-2018 Bugs v errors, SPARK and Ada, and engineering. And do you need a degree to be an embedded engineer?
Muse 343 02-05-2018 Software requirements, a review of the SourceMonitor tool, and a reason for auto-reboots.
Muse 342 01-15-2018 The EU's new General Data Protection Regulations, a review of Sampling Theory and Analog-to-Digital Conversion, and a review of the ne text editor.
Muse 341 01-02-2018 A scope review and giveaway! Plus VDC survey results.
Muse 340 12-04-2017 An ode to the transistor, AdaCore Tech Days, and a new way to link an IoT device to a smartphone.
Muse 339 11-20-2017 Optimistic programming and more insight into datasheets.
Muse 338 11-06-2017 A review of a scope differential preamp, automatic code testing, and datasheet guarantees.
Muse 337 10-16-2017 A review of a Zeroplus logic analyzer and other hot topics.
Muse 336 10-02-2017 Coders vs engineers, metrics about exception handlers, and a review of Segger's IP over USB stack.
Muse 335 09-18-2017 A book review, more on filesystems, and a cool new scope/spectrum analyzer.
Muse 334 09-04-2017 Tech tips, thoughts on filesystems, and musing on managing the boss.
Muse 333 08-21-2017 Important survey results and reader's responses about oscilloscopes.
Muse 332 07-17-2017 A bit of scope history and thoughts on JSON.
Muse 331 06-19-2017 Is JSON preferable to XML?, complex I/O, and more on embedded ransomware.
Muse 330 06-05-2017 On hacking devices, a review of a TI tool and questions about using XML or binary for config files
Muse 329 05-15-2017 A story about a disaster
Muse 328 05-01-2017 A review of a fast scope probe, info on capacitors, and thoughts on shift vs divide.
Muse 327 04-17-2017 More on operator precedence and another semi vendor fail.
Muse 326 04-03-2017 How to remember C precedence rules and info about making products for sale in France.
Muse 325 03-20-2017 More on the Cortex-M MPU and an analysis of a router security flaw.
Muse 324 03-06-2017 A simple PIC debugger, more on the Cortex-M MPU, and thoughts about tools.
Muse 323 02-20-2017 An article about ARM's MPU, and survey results from VDC.
Muse 322 02-06-2017 Tons of feedback about lousy semi vendors' code.
Muse 321 01-16-2017 A rant about complex MCU I/O and even more on comments.
Muse 320 01-01-2017 Commenting, and securing the IoT.
Muse 319 12-19-2016 Comments about comments and more thoughts on security in the IoT world.
Muse 318 12-05-2016 Information about the recent ESA crash, an early MMU and an idea about monitoring stack usage.
Muse 317 11-17-2016 Managing stacks, the use of assertions, and a cool chip for low-power systems.
Muse 316 11-07-2016 A satirical article about voting, tips for aspiring developers, and a cool power monitor.
Muse 315 10-17-2016 Segmented memory on an oscilloscope, securing the IoT, and tips for aspiring developers
Muse 314 10-03-2016 Securing the IoT, a call for tips for aspiring developers, ideas for measuring good design, and more on upgrading Windows.
Muse 313 09-19-2016 Another idle meter, more on Windows 10 updates, and a question about good design.
Muse 312 09-05-2016 More on backups, thoughts on Windows 10, and more approaches to monitoring idle time.
Muse 311 08-15-2016 An approach to backing up code and ways to monitor firmware.
Muse 310 08-01-2016 Resume tips, managing stacks, and a way to monitor a system's real-time performance.
Muse 309 07-18-2016 Yet more on software malpractice, and computing stack size
Muse 308 07-05-2016 Software malpractice, more on goesintos, and the NY City Crash of 2017
Muse 307 06-20-2016 ESrror codes and thoughts on software malpractice
Muse 306 06-06-2016 Some neat firmware tricks and a briefing on vacuum tubes
Muse 305 05-16-2016 Firmware tips, more on Apollo's software, and thoughts on maintainable software
Muse 304 05-02-2016 Great tips, the Apollo software, and a review of the book Building Maintainable Software
Muse 303 04-18-2016 Lots of tool suggestions.
Muse 302 04-04-2016 Software craftsmanship and the notion of programmers vs software engineers.
Muse 301 03-21-2016 Software craftsmanship.
Muse 300 03-01-2016 VMs and comments on software craftsmanship
Muse 299 02-15-2016 A review of Segger's SystemView and an analysis of how many bugs are tolerable in a system.
Muse 298 02-01-2016 More about preserving old development systems and quadrature debouncing
Muse 297 01-19-2016 Using fancy IDEs and choosing EDA software.
Muse 296 01-04-2016 Careful hardware design and engineering ethics.
Muse 295 12-21-2015 Code to handle quadrature inputs and thoughts about CAD tools and privacy
Muse 294 12-07-2015 Debouncing quadrature data, and a review of The Phoenix Project
Muse 293 10-19-2015 Results of a survey about firmware development practices.
Muse 292 10-05-2015 Debounce code, a review of The Art of Electronics, and more on prototyping with SMT devices.
Muse 291 09-21-2015 Working with SMT parts, an ARM book review, and a device to square up slow rise times.
Muse 290 09-07-2015 Tons of information about working with surface-mount devices.
Muse 289 08-17-2015 More info about dealing with second sources and in-the-field firmware updates.
Muse 288 08-03-2015 In-the-field firmware upgrades, and second sources for components.
Muse 287 07-06-2015 Avoiding bad habits and a lot of metrics about software engineering.
Muse 286 06-15-2015 Multicore design.
Muse 285 06-01-2015 Multicore in embedded systems, and computing stack sizes.
Muse 284 05-18-2015 The decline in office space, and more on the forums.
Muse 283 05-04-2015 The decline in office space and thoughts about technical forums.
Muse 282 04-20-2015 Bug bounties, how much effort should go into architecture, and a Walter Mitty story.
Muse 281 04-06-2015 More about discipline and "done," and a great reference for computer approximations.
Muse 280 03-16-2015 Security of embedded devices, and a definition of DONE for firmware developers.
Muse 279 03-02-2015 Hiring new graduates, more on IDEs, and thoughts on discipline.
Muse 278 02-16-2015 IDEs, the importance of discipline in firmware work, and some comments about hiring new graduates.
Muse 277 02-02-2015 Google Protocol Buffers, limited-instruction processors, and more on IDEs.
Muse 276 01-19-2015 An odd IDE, an interesting bug, and 1 instruction processors
Muse 275 01-02-2015 Building ultra-low power systems, and a teardown of a 128 GB thumb drive.
Muse 274 12-01-2014 A book about writing readable code, more thoughts on the PortPilot, and reflections on middleware.
Muse 273 11-17-2014 The PortPilot USB current monitor and thoughts about NRE vs COGS costs.
Muse 272 11-03-2014 Overtime, marketing madness, and comments.
Muse 271 10-20-2014 Commenting and about reducing entropy in code.
Muse 270 10-06-2014 Adding margins to firmware and asks if "==" is a good idea.
Muse 269 09-15-2014 Responses to the notion of adding margins to firmware.
Muse 268 09-02-2014 Adding margins to firmware and on team sizes.
Muse 267 08-18-2014 DDR3 row hammer problem, using flash memory to affect schedules, and products going obsolete.
Muse 266 08-04-2014 Results of a survey about use of firmware standards and lots of deep insights about software engineering from readers
Muse 265 07-21-2014 MISRA rules that don't add up, a review of Software Engineering for Embedded Systems, and thoughts about modeling
Muse 264 07-07-2014 Computing worst-case execution time, protecting IP, and a simple solution to a bug that never should have existed.
Muse 263 06-16-2014 Computing worst-case execution time, a very cool idea to aid debugging, and a discussion of open offices.
Muse 262 06-02-2014 Jake's embedded PI business, plus reader's thoughts about using rate monotonic scheduling.
Muse 261 05-19-2014 Spectrum analyzers, reflections on a career, and thoughts about using rate monotonic scheduling in an RTOS.
Muse 260 05-05-2014 When one should enable interrupts in an ISR, and has tool tips. There's also a contest where the winner gets a free ride into space!
Muse 259 04-21-2014 When one should enable interrupts in an ISR, and has tool tips salted in as well.
Muse 258 04-07-2014 Compilers and part 4 of the history of the microprocessor. Lots of tool tips, too.
Muse 257 03-17-2014 Compilers and part 3 of the history of the microprocessor.
Muse 0x100 03-03-2014 The 256th installment, and the history of the microprocessor (parts 1 and 2).
Muse 0xff 02-17-2014 Extending the notion of FIR filters to do least squares fits and even derivatives, and feedback about the need for a university degree.
Muse 254 02-04-2014 Extending the notion of FIR filters to do least squares fits and even derivatives, and thoughts about the need for a university degree.
Muse 253 01-20-2014 Llicensing, a funny embedded story, and comments about on-going education.
Muse 252 01-06-2014 A 68 year-old oscilloscope, more on cosmic rays, and some New Year's resolutions for firmware people.
Muse 251 12-16-2013 The DMMCheck calibration standard, more funny embedded applications, and some insight into RAM failure modes.
Muse 250 12-02-2013 Should engineers, should be licensed and some thoughts about engineering introspection.
Muse 249 11-18-2013 A response to the last issue and thoughts on whether we engineers should be licensed.
Muse 248 11-02-2013 Tool links, and thoughts about debugging logs and failures.
Muse 247 10-21-2013 User interfaces and failures.
Muse 246 10-07-2013 Uncompensated overtime and some experimental results about the behavior of coin cells, like the CR2032
Muse 245 09-16-2013 Software complexity and uncompensated overtime
Muse 244 09-03-2013 Software metrics, and a bit about ultra-small electronic parts.
Muse 243 08-19-2013 Lots of tools! Plus a review of the Kinetis FRDM-KL25Z $13 Cortex-M0+ evaluation board, and visualizing code.
Muse 242 05-20-2013 Fixing hard drives and aging software.
Muse 241 05-06-2013 The death of EDN and Design East, engineering school programs, and a book review (in Spanish!).
Muse 240 04-15-2013 Software aging, embedded security and a book review.
Muse 239 04-01-2013 Embedded blogs, a review of Extech's EX330 digital multimeter, and a toastal story.
Muse 238 03-18-2013 Dealing with common code bases, and a sampling of embedded blogs.
Muse 237 03-04-2013 The perils of specialization, good tool input from readers, and a link to a neat way to read lots of switches with few I/O lines.
Muse 236 02-18-2013 An update to the review of the Analog Discovery, and the perils of specialization.
Muse 235 02-04-2013 A BNC board for the Analog Discovery, the best C reference book, and a warning about some dangers in using USB instruments.
Muse 234 01-21-2013 Tracking those random bits of information, and the seven habits of highly dysfunctional developers.
Muse 233 01-07-2013 The Analog Discovery (a USB oscilloscope), discussion about 32 bits killing off 8/16, and a great idea about managing stacks.
Muse 232 12-10-2012 Tool suggestions, a whacky site for electronic art, managing stacks and a very clever approach to software engineering
Muse 231 11-19-2012 Tool suggestions, hardware support for software, and a new interface that recognizes hand gestures. There's also some pictures and thoughts from the Computer History Museum.
Muse 230 10-15-2012 More on datasheets, Teletypes and some fun stuff.
Muse 229 10-01-2012 A rant about datahseets, more on watchdogs, and an ode to the Teletype
Muse 228 10-01-2012 Comparing the Cortex M4 and M0 and a report on Doxygen
Muse 227 09-03-2012 The history of the op amp and a dive into some strange code
Muse 226 05-21-2012 Results of last issue's contest, plus a great link to EE Demographics
Muse 225 05-07-2012 How the Microprocessor has changed, along with a contest
Muse 224 04-16-2012 The Demise of Print, and responses to how hard are you working?
Muse 223 04-02-2012 The Demise of ESD and how hard are you working?
Muse 222 03-19-2012 More spirited discussion about tech magazines
Muse 221 03-06-2012 Thoughts about reading tech magazines
Muse 220 02-20-2012 More comments on Margins and Just Reset It.
Muse 219 01-17-2012 Comments on Margins and Just Reset It
Muse 218 01-03-2012 Some great tools and tips
Muse 217 12-05-2011 The origin of the word Geek and Refactoring
Muse 216 11-07-2011 big.LITTLE and some interesting sites
Muse 215 10-17-2011Contains a great rant on C
Muse 214 10-04-2011 Talking to management and C++11
Muse 213 09-19-2011iMSO-104 oscilloscope "plug-in" review
Muse 212 09-06-2011 Tektronix MDO4104-6 scope review
Muse 211 08-15-2011 A joke contest and NRE
Muse 210 08-01-2011 Quotes and Thoughts and some jobs
Muse 209 05-21-2011 More dumb things and backups!
Muse 208 05-09-2011 Backups!
Muse 207 04-18-2011 The dumbest things I have ever done
Muse 206 04-06-2011 Debouncing
Muse 205 03-07-2011 Local knowledge
Muse 204 02-22-2011 Consulting survey results are in
Muse 203 02-05-2011 A consulting survey and more debate
Muse 202 01-03-2011 More thought on advanced degrees
Muse 201 12-03-2010 Interesting thoughts on advanced degrees
Muse 200 10-18-2010 200th issue!
Muse 199 09-25-2010thoughts on free software
Muse 198 09-06-2010 More on debouncing
Muse 197 08-16-2010 Back from summer hiatus
Muse 196 05-17-2010 Honesty in Resumes
Muse 195 05-03-2010 Resume follies and superprogrammers
Muse 194 04-19-2010 Book reviews and tips from fellow engineers.
Muse 193 04-05-2010 Results of a Haiku contest and tips and tools.
Muse 192 03-15-2010 2010 Salary Survey and the annual VDC survey.
Muse 191 03-01-2010 An interesting look at the Embedded Industry.
Muse 190 02-15-2010 Thoughts on the word "embedded,"and more on Toyota and compiler optimizations
Muse 189 02-01-2010 Toyota Brakes, Optimization and a new Paradigm
Muse 188 01-18-2010 Stop bailing, the danger of Volatile, tools, and are debuggers evil?
Muse 187 01-04-2010 Restoring from old backups, a story about EPROMs, more on corrosion, tools and tips.
Muse 186 12-07-2009 Book review, thoughts on corrosion in switches, more tools and tips.
Muse 185 11-26-2009 I'm History!, Tools and Tips, More, Better, Faster
Muse 184 11-02-2009 Tools and Tips, Book Review (Statistics in a Nutshell), Salary Survey
Muse 183 10-19-2009Tools and Tips, Static Analysis, Optimism and Naming Conventions
Muse 182 10-05-2009 Tools and Tips, Too Much Optimism, Naming Conventions
Muse 181 09-23-2009 Tools and Tips, Book Review, Naming Conventions
Muse 180 09-07-2009 Job Hunting Article, Tools and Tips, Book Review
Muse 179 05-05-2009 Readers Respond
Muse 178 04-19-2009 Tools, Naming Conventions, and CS Education
Muse 177 03-16-2009 Multiprocessing, CS Education, Naming Conventions
Muse 176 03-02-2009 Tools, Naming Conventions, Book Review and CS Education
Muse 175 02-16-2009 Visualizing ICs, Past and Present and Responses to Computer Science Education
Muse 174 02-02-2009 Computer Science Education
Muse 173 01-19-2009 Responses to Quotes and Thoughts and Funny Datasheet
Muse 172 01-05-2009 Comments on My Microchip Comments and more on Criminal Coding
Muse 171 12-15-2008 Criminal Coding, Reuse, and Dot Com
Muse 170 12-01-2008 Reuse and Dot Com
Muse 169 11-17-2008 About Microchip, a book review, header guards and funny datasheets
Muse 168 11-04-2008 Another Book Review and More on Reuse
Muse 167 10-23-2008 Book Review and The Failure of Reuse
Muse 166 10-06-2008 MSP430 Microcontroller Basics, Coders vs. Programmers
Muse 165 09-15-2008 Inheritance, Code Inspections and Comm Monitors
Muse 164 09-01-2008 Debugging and Datasheets
Muse 163 08-11-2008 Hacking HP and More on Multicore
Muse 162 07-07-2008 A Discussion on Multicore
Muse 161 06-10-2008 Firmware's Best Practices
Muse 160 05-09-2008 FirmwareBest Practices, and VDC Survey results
Muse 159 04-07-2008 A VDC Survey, Great Engineer Responses and reasons for a valuable seminar
Muse 158 03-25-2008 Tin Whiskers and a response to Great Engineers
Muse 157 03-12-2008 Great Engineers, some history and contest results
Muse 156 02-27-2008 Low ESR Capacitor Issue and more War Stories
Muse 155 02-12-2008 A Salary Survey and another War Story
Muse 154 01-28-2008 Nuggets, a War Story and the ESD20 Years Old
Muse 153 01-08-2008 A Book Review (Serial Port Complete),Open Spaces, Tips
Muse 152 11-13-2007 A Book Review (A Guide For the Perplexed), Tools + Tips
Muse 151 10-31-2007 The Future of Engineering and More on Open Spaces
Muse 150 10-11-2007 A Book Review (First Break all the Rules) and Open Spaces
Muse 149 09-21-2007 Agile 2007, and Multitasking
Muse 148 08-27-2007 Secure Software
Muse 147 08-06-2007 Dependable Software and more Tools + Tips
Muse 146 06-11-2007 My Readers' Rants on Cubicles
Muse 145 04-24-2007 Security, Rant on Cubicles, and Tools + Tips
Muse 144 04-09-2007 Baudot and TTY Corrections and Bit Banging
Muse 143 03-19-2007 Disasters and communications
Muse 142 03-05-2007 English as a First Language, and Tools and Tips
Muse 141 02-19-2007 The Embedded World 2007, and Book Reviews
Muse 140 02-05-2007 Free Books and Tools & Tips
Muse 139 01-09-2007 Engineering as a Process and More Tool Guardians
Muse 138 12-11-2006 A salary Survey, Tool Guardians and Stack Overflows
Muse 137 11-21-2006 Book Reviews and Does Expensive = Good Quality
Muse 136 11-09-2006 Reading Code and Beautiful C++ and more on Debugging Tools
Muse 135 10-24-2006 New Kinds of Debugging Tools and Starting with the Manual
Muse 134 10-11-2006 Reading Code, Debouncing and Preserving Design Decisions
Muse 133 09-06-2006 Preserving Design Decisions
Muse 132 08-17-2006 Survey Results, More on Tools and Another Failure Story
Muse 131 08-03-2006 EDN Turns 50, The Show Myth
Muse 130 05-15-2006 Computer History and another Failure Story
Muse 129 04-19-2006 A Failure Story, Disasters and More Computer History
Muse 128 04-04-2006 Live From the ESC, Computer History and Tidbits
Muse 127 03-21-2006 Test Driven Development and Yet More on Tools
Muse 126 03-09-2006Getting Better Firmware: A shameless Promotion
Muse 125 02-26-2006 A Book ReviewHow Do Computers Do Math, and Pre Cad
Muse 124 02-09-2006 Transistor-Free Computing, Firmware is Cheap and More Tools
Muse 123 01-26-2006Tools and More Tools
Muse 122 01-10-2006 Rounding, More on Tools and Testing
Muse 121 11-22-2005Tools and Unmaintainable Code
Muse 120 11-22-2005 Interesting Articles, Tools and Bucks not Tech
Muse 119 11-04-2005 Windows Turns 20
Muse 118 10-19-2005 More on Naming Conventions and Engineering Washouts
Muse 117 10-02-2005 Engineering Washouts and Variable Function Naming
Muse 116 09-20-2005 Shipping News and a Review: Design Warrior's Guide
Muse 115 09-02-2005 Backups and Productivity Vs Process
Muse 114 06-02-2005 More jobs
Muse 113 03-21-2005 Surviving IT Project Cancellations, Code Guardians and more
Muse 112 03-21-2005 Computer Magazines and Debouncing
Muse 111 03-04-2005 Circular Buffer and Testing, Zuse Machines and Consulting
Muse 110 02-17-2005Thoughts on Consulting, a Circular Buffer and the Fear of Editing
Muse 109 01-26-2005 The Digital I/O Handbook and the Rabbit 3000 Microprocessor
Muse 108 01-06-2005 Survey Results, Computer History and more on Testing
Muse 107 12-06-2004 Salary Survey, Testing and Ham Radio for Dummies
Muse 106 11-19-2004 Electronica/ESC, The Deutches Museum, and more Compilers
Muse 105 11-04-2004 More on Watchdogs, Free x86 Compilers and Core Memory
Muse 104 10-19-2004 Interesting Articles and Refactoring Function
Muse 103 10-06-2004 Interesting Factoid, Note on a VCS and Strange Behavior
Muse 102 09-22-2004 Best Development Team and Codewright Replacement
Muse 101 09-10-2004 Driving a Hybrid, more on Debouncing and Elvis Explains
Muse 100 08-10-2004Debouncing and eXtreme Programming
Muse 99 07-12-2004 Debouncing, Therac 25 revisited and eXtreme Programming
Muse 98 05-31-2004 Programming Proverbs, the eXtreme Programming Conference
Muse 97 05-04-2004 Autobauding and Musings on Debugging
Muse 96 04-21-2004 Testing and Electronic Voting
Muse 95 04-06-2004 New Video
Muse 94 03-12-2004 Feature Driven Development and Time Management Tool
Muse 93 02-17-2004 Redefining C's Operators and Notes on Spam and Viruses
Muse 92 01-20-2004 Tips on using Standard Integers in C, Bug Tracking, Scheduling
Muse 91 01-06-2004 More Endianness
Muse 90 12-11-2003 Book Reviews
Muse 89 11-24-2003 Backups and More on Watchdogs
Muse 88 11-11-2003 Toolchains Aren't Forever (Part 2)
Muse 87 10-30-2003 Toolchains Aren't Forever
Muse 86 10-20-2003 Taming C
Muse 85 10-06-2003 Solutions to Software Failure
Muse 84 09-22-2003 Software WILL Fail
Muse 83 03-25-2003 Power Problems
Muse 82 03-07-2003 Comments on Commenting
Muse 81 02-14-2003 Book ReviewPeer Reviews in Software
Muse 80 01-25-2003 Fascinating Study on Redundant Code
Muse 79 12-18-2002 Hands on Courses
Muse 78 11-13-2002 ASICs and Toxic Bosses
Muse 77 10-25-2002 Micro Optical's New Product
Muse 76 10-16-2002 Job Link
Muse 75 09-25-2002 Comment on Disaster
Muse 74 09-05-2002 Systems of Units
Muse 73 04-15-2002 Resources and Links
Muse 72 03-22-2002 ESD follow-up
Muse 71 02-18-2002 Electrostatic Discharge
Muse 70 02-01-2002 Asynchronous Firmware
Muse 69 01-09-2002 Free/Cheap compiler and tool links
Muse 68 12-04-2001 Book review, and request for help in newbie resources
Muse 67 10-16-2001 A Dirty Word (again), and the Best Programming Book
Muse 66 10-01-2001 A Dirty Word, and a Cool Animation
Muse 65 09-21-2001 Hope and Despair
Muse 64 08-25-2001 An Interesting Embedded Book
Muse 63 02-13-2001 Memory Allocation in Embedded Applications
Muse 62 02-12-2001 More on FPGAs
Muse 61 01-29-2001 FPGAs
Muse 60 01-29-2001 Bad Embedded Designs
Muse 59 01-16-2001 An On-line Book, and Notes on Academia
Muse 58 12-09-2000 Embedded Design Disasters
Muse 57 12-11-2000 Don't worry, be crappy!
Muse 56 11-27-2000 A Trio of Embedded Books
Muse 55 11-08-2000 More on Latency, and Tires that are Too Smart
Muse 54 10-30-2000 Interrupt Latency
Muse 53 10-23-2000 The Right StuffThe Shuttle Software Team
Muse 52 10-04-2000 MISRA Review (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association)
Muse 51 08-16-2000 Write Only Memory Contest Results
Muse 50 08-01-2000 Failures of Embedded Systems
Muse 49 04-18-2000 Write Only Memory Contest!
Muse 48 04-10-2000 Embedded Books for Newbies
Muse 47 03-03-2000 Conspiracy Theory, part 2
Muse 46 03-03-2000 Conspiracy Theory
Muse 45 02-18-2000 Delayed Sweep
Muse 44 02-04-2000 File Format Central
Muse 43 01-14-2000 Even More Metastability
Muse 42 01-07-2000 More Metastability
Muse 41 12-24-1999 Metastability
Muse 40 12-01-1999 New Embedded Books
Muse 39 10-21-1999 Floating Point Approximations
Muse 38 09-20-1999 Embedded Systems Conference
Muse 37 09-13-1999 Book Review and Write only memory
Muse 36 08-24-1999 More jokes
Muse 35 04-27-1999 Embedded Book Review
Muse 34 04-13-1999 Programming sources on the net
Muse 33 04-01-1999 Programming sources on the net
Muse 32 02-01-1999 The trouble with open source (again!)
Muse 31 01-07-1999 The trouble with open source
Muse 30 12-15-1998 Engineering Insight
Muse 29 10-26-1998 Embedded Y2K
Muse 28 10-12-1998 Embedded Overload, and Tech Training
Muse 27 10-05-1998 Embedded Overload?
Muse 26 08-18-1998 Resources, and a Budding Programmer
Muse 25 08-03-1998 Peopleware
Muse 24 07-20-1998 E-newsletters and Decision Making
Muse 23 07-06-1998 More Hardware Helpers
Muse 22 06-15-1998 More Hardware Helpers
Muse 21 05-26-1998 Hardware Helpers
Muse 20 04-09-1998 Embedded HistoryPart 2
Muse 19 03-20-1998 Discipline? Bah Humbug!
Muse 18 03-11-1998 Embedded Rules of Thumb
Muse 17 03-04-1998 An Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup
Muse 16 02-17-1998 Embedded HistoryPart 1
Muse 15 01-30-1998 Dumb Mistakespart 5, and Magic Delays
Muse 14 01-11-1998 Mars Pathfinder
Muse 13 01-06-1998 EC++
Muse 12 12-10-1997 Reuse? Bah Humbug!
Muse 11 12-01-1997 Dumb Mistakes and history article
Muse 10 10-31-1997 Dumb Mistakes and Windows CE
Muse 9 10-27-1997 Dumb Mistakespart 5
Muse 8 10-08-1997 Interesting article, ESC Notes
Muse 7 09-23-1997 Dumb Mistakes part 4
Muse 6 09-04-1997 Dumb Mistakes part 3
Muse 5 08-21-1997Dumb Mistakes part 2
Muse 4 08-07-1997 Dumb Mistakes part 1
Muse 3 07-14-1997 Mars Pathfinder
Muse 2 07-02-1997 The Engineering Mind
Muse 1 06-16-1997 Tracking Bugs