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NOTICE – The Boston and San Jose Embedded Seminar on April 26 and May 3 are booking fast – see https://www.ganssle.com for more info.


When Signetics created their Write Only Memory part as a joke a quarter century ago, they probably had no idea so many people would be so entranced.

Just for fun, here’s a contest with the datasheet and the Write Only Memory chip as grand prize. Come to https://www.ganssle.com, select the link to the contest, enter your email address, and your name will be tossed into the ring to win the prize. If you’d like, also enter in a suggestion for what you’d use a write-once, read-never part for.

The winner will be announced in this newsletter, and some of the funnier uses for the part will run as well.

Embedded Seminars in Boston and San Jose

I’ll present the seminar "The Best Ideas for Developing Better Firmware Faster” in Boston on April 26 and San Jose on May 3.

The focus is uniquely on embedded systems. I'll talk about ways to link the hardware and software, to identify and stamp out bugs, to manage risk, and to meet impossible deadlines. If you’re interested reserve early as these seminars fill completely.

A lot of folks have asked me to bring this seminar to their company. Email me at mailto:jack@ganssle.com if you’re interested.

Thought for the Week

Don't you wish when life is bad
and things just don't compute
that all we really had to do
was stop and hit reboot?

Things would all turn out ok
life could be so sweet
if we had those special keys
ctrl-and alt-delete

Your boss is mad your bills not paid
your wife, well she's just mute.
Just stop and hit those wonderful keys
that make it all reboot.

You'd like to have another job
you fear living in the street?
You solve it all and start anew
ctrl and alt delete