Embedded Muse 114 Copyright 2005 TGG June 2, 2005

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The usual panic means this issue is nearly content-free; for that I apologize, but did want to get the job listings out for the sake of our employment-challenged colleagues.

I tried to order a few parts from Defender Industries via their web site recently. Check out how $29.99 plus $53.94 adds up to something an order of magnitude larger than the USís national debt: https://www.ganssle.com/misc/defender.jpg

At least they didnít charge shipping or tax!

Hereís an interesting Ė and I hope not terribly abusive to the insect Ė embedded application. A Giant Madagascan Hissing Cockroach controls a mobile robot. What will people think of next? http://www.conceptlab.com/control/

And to everyone Ė have a great summer!


Joke for the Week

An amusing, not necessarily true, thought from Rick Anthony:

Reusing software is a lot like reusing toilet paper.