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Bill has been doing embedded development with GNU tools and Linux for a number of years, and his classes at Embedded Systems Conferences are well attended and consistently receive excellent ratings. If Free Software is in your future check these courses out.

Scott Adams has a new book out – Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel. Frankly, I was disappointed. One pre-release ad suggested it offers new insights into office ethics, even discussing such sub-radar-screen issues like stealing pencils. That sounded interesting to me – how we behave in big and small ethical dilemmas is always fascinating.

Like all of his books, Adams beats up on managers. This one, though, attacks everyone. We’re all weasels, all lying dishonest unethical creatures, according to Adams. That may or may not be true, but there’s no further insight offered. Some funny vignettes, yes, but not $24.95 worth.

But that’s just my $.02.

I hope everyone has happy holidays, and that 2003 arrives with jobs, prosperity, and happiness for all.


Thought for the Week

A third world country decided to go democratic, turning to the USA for guidance. On a limited budget, they could only afford second-hand equipment and got some electronic voting machines from the city of Chicago.

With great fanfare, they held their election, with Fyodor Guantanamo running against Kwame Santahara.

The winner was ...Richard J. Daley.