Assembling the Sawmill - March 9, 2010


Scott came over today to help create havoc setup the mill. MB worked tirelessly, too, but was the photographer so didn't make it into the pictures.


Pulling the power unit off the pallet.


Power unit dangling from the forklift.


More power unit.

Uh, then we got stuck. The forklift got into a soft spot and we tried for quite some time to get it out. My truck was not up to the task of pulling a 9000 pound machine.

Eventually we ran a line to a tree, and used my chain hoist to put a scary amount of strain on the line. Lifting the forks added to the strain. Scott is adding his weight as I run the machine.

We're out. Forklift wins, lawn loses.

MB cleaning the gutters.

Assembling the mill.


Assembly complete, loading a log.

Gads, we've known each other for like a half-century.

Starting a cut.


First cut done.


Cutting. We stopped after cutting to a square cant as the day was ending. Look at the sawdust coming out of the chute! The mess is amazing. Cleanup involves using a snow shovel to put the dust into the pickup truck. The local dump mulches all of the waste.

The sawmill is a Wood-Mizer LT-15 with all of the options. I'm glad to have the bigger 25 HP engine; even that will bog down in big stuff. I cut a big ash into 27" wide boards, and that needed every one of those HP.

The power feed greatly eases things; I had used a manual feed LT-15 and it was fine, but it's nice to be able to stand back and observe the work from a different angle as the saw works its way down a log.

Later, here's Marybeth stacking wood from the mill:

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