FAQ: Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Below are some of the more common questions concerning CEUs.

1. What are CEUs?
CEUs are Continuing Education Units that are a nationally recognized method of quantifying the time spent in the classroom during professional development and training activities. Ten (10) hours of instruction equal one (1) CEU.

2. Why would one need to obtain CEUs?
The purpose of issuing CEUs is to provide a permanent record of training and continuing education for individuals who need to submit proof of their continuing education to state licensing boards, employers , etc.

3. Who may issue CEUs?
Any organization that offers professional development education and training programs may potentially award CEUs. Adoption and use of the CEU is entirely voluntary and does not require to approval of another agency. The Ganssle Group complies with the definitions and standards set by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training. However, The Ganssle Group is not an IACET authorized provider.

4. What is IACET?
The International Association for Continuing Education and Training is a non-profit association dedicated to improving the quality of continuing education and training programs.

No. Since individual or self-directed study is not planned or supervised by an instructor, it does not meet the criteria for the awarding of CEUs.

6. Are the CEUs awarded by The Ganssle Group recognized by state authorities who register or license Professional Engineers?
Some states currently have mandatory Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) requirements for receiving Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for re-licensure. It is generally the responsibility of the engineer seeking registration or licensure to select professional development or continuing education activities that meet state requirements. If you have a question about your state's acceptance of a Ganssle Group event, you must contact your state officials.

7. What is the exchange rate between Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs)?
0.1 CEU (1 hour of instruction) is equivalent to 1 PDH unit.
1.0 CEU (10 hours of instruction) is equivalent to 10 PDH units.

8. Do CEUs count towards my attainment of a Bachelor's or Master's degree?
No, CEUs are awarded only for professional development and training and are not related to academic credit.

9. How will the CEUs be awarded?
At the end of the seminar all attendees will receive a certificate stating that they attended a full day seminar along with the percentage of CEUs awarded to them. The Ganssle Group will also keep transcripts on each attendee for a period of 5 years that will be retrievable through our office.

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