Embedded Muse 114 Copyright 2005 TGG June 2, 2005

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EDITOR: Jack Ganssle, jack@ganssle.com

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Editorís Notes

The Embedded Muse will be on hiatus during the summer; the next issue will run in August. Iíll be off sailing so will be even slower than usual in responding to email!

The usual panic means this issue is nearly content-free; for that I apologize, but did want to get the job listings out for the sake of our employment-challenged colleagues.

I tried to order a few parts from Defender Industries via their web site recently. Check out how $29.99 plus $53.94 adds up to something an order of magnitude larger than the USís national debt: http://ganssle.com/misc/defender.jpg

At least they didnít charge shipping or tax!

Hereís an interesting Ė and I hope not terribly abusive to the insect Ė embedded application. A Giant Madagascan Hissing Cockroach controls a mobile robot. What will people think of next? http://www.conceptlab.com/control/

And to everyone Ė have a great summer!


Joke for the Week

An amusing, not necessarily true, thought from Rick Anthony:

Reusing software is a lot like reusing toilet paper.