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Cmicrotek uCP100

Thanks to the fine folks at Cmicrotek, this month's (April, 2019) giveaway is (your choice) either a µCP100 or µCP120 current probe. These are instruments that measure the current consumption of low-power IoT-type systems. I reviewed them here. Enter the contest here.

A New, Low-Tech, Use for Computers

November 20, 2018         

Remember when computers cost money? In college I wrote code to compute satellite orbits for Goddard Space Flight Center on their IBM 360/95, a monster of a machine that filled a huge room. Even "small" machines - minicomputers - were tens of thousands of dollars. How things have changed.

Marybeth and I were visiting a relative in Florida two weeks ago. We wound up lost in the Alzheimer's unit (an interesting connundrum in itself) and ran into this:

Hundreds of billions of transistors, gigabytes of disk, all gainfully employed as... a doorstop.

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