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Jack Ganssle in an internationally-recognized embedded systems engineer, author and speaker. He designed some of the very first embedded systems. He started three high tech companies, built or managed the development of over 100 embedded systems, and now advises companies, lectures, and writes about embedded systems. He was the only embedded person on NASA's Super Problem Resolution Team, created by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board to harness the expertise of highly-respected people from outside the agency. He has worked on many classified government projects and has held various clearances, including Top Secret/Special Intelligence.

Jack has published over 700 articles on different aspects of embedded development, as well as six books on the subject. On-line, he writes the weekly Breakpoints column on and is editor of The Embedded Muse, a bi-weekly newsletter that has over 25,000 subscribers..

Also an avid sailor, he has written numerous articles on ocean voyaging and a book about his offshore debacles.

Lecturing and Teaching
Jack lectures at symposiums and conferences on electronics and software all over the world. His Better Firmware Faster seminar has helped thousands of developers get products to market faster with fewer problems.

Jack has presented over 100 papers at conferences on six continents. He has been the keynote speaker at numerous conferences including the Embedded Systems Engineering Kongress (Stuttgart, 2014), International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (Berlin, 2013), Embedded Systems Conference (2008, 2003, and 1998), ESC-Brazil (2013, 2011), ESC-India (2013, 2007), JD Conference (2007, 2005), Oredev 2006 (Malmo, Sweden) and CIISA 2007 (Guadalajara, Mexico).

Expert Witness
Jack works as an expert witness and has testified in depositions, and has been admitted and testified in Federal District Court and before the ITC. More information is here.

Other Affiliations

  • Given the 2014 ACE Award for "the engineer who has contributed most significantly to the advancement of knowledge in the field of engineering and design".
  • Member, advisory board, IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, May 2009 to present
  • Voted "Most Significant Embedded Individual" by Embedded Systems Design readers, May 2008.
  • Member of NASA's Super Problem Resolution Team, created in the wake of space shuttle Columbia's breakup to provide expert assistance to NASA, 2003-2008.
  • Member, Editorial Review Board, Embedded Systems Design Magazine
  • Member, Board of Directors, Z-World, Inc, 2003 till the company was sold in 2004
  • Member, IEEE
  • Member, ACM
  • Member, Advisory Board, Triscend Corporation, 1997 till sold in 2004.
  • Instructor, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Maryland, 2000 to 2002.
  • Technical Editor, Embedded Systems Design, 1999 to 2007.
  • Member, Advisory Board, Embedded Systems Conference, 1995 to present
  • Member, Advisory Board, Capitol College, 1992 to 2000.
  • Vice President, Howard County Chamber of Commerce, 1991-92 and 1995-1996
  • Member, Board of Directors, Howard County Chamber of Commerce, 1990 to 1996.
  • Member, Board of Directors, Howard County High Tech Council, 1990 to 1999.
  • Member, Board of Directors, Candlelight Concert Society, November 1992 to 1994.
  • Holds Amateur Radio Extra Class license, and a commercial radiotelephone license.

He has appeared on the TV program "Modern Marvels" (though somehow he hasn't gotten around to watching it yet).

Here's a 2013 interview in Circuit Cellar magazine, a 2012 interview with EEWeb, and a 2011 appearance on The Amp Hour podcast.

Contact him at or 410-504-6660.


New and Noteworthy

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New Video! Jack's latest video shows how to measure idle time. Here's a list of all of Jack's videos.

New Special Report! Building an ultra-low power system that has to run off batteries for years? Much of what is published is wrong. Here's a detailed analysis of the hardware and firmware issues you will face.

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