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Saleae Logic Pro review. Listen! Do you hear a subtle hum, a buzz of computation? The 26 billion processors sold every year entertain us, optimize fuel economy, run factories and literally underlie the fabric of civilization.

I'm Jack Ganssle (bio) and I'm on a mission to help developers produce better products faster. My weekly column on, seminars and the 1000+ articles on this site all show better ways to build embedded products, while maximizing the fun of engineering hardware and firmware.

Latest video: Review of Saleae's Logic Pro

Free Newsletter - The Embedded Muse

Free biweekly embedded systems newsletter, now in its 17th year. No hype, just down to earth hints, tricks and ideas about better ways to build embedded systems - both hardware and firmware. The latest issue (#286, June 15, 2015) contains a contest for a free logic analzyer, and several articles about multicore design. Check out the back issues.

Firmware Seminars

Your training has made a big impact in our work and our team is far more disciplined and productive than ever before.  We just got back from a trade show where we showed a product we applied your insights toward, and 1) there were no embarrassing failures like previous years, 2) every feature delivered was finished and debugged instead of half working, and 3) customer response was typically "Where has this product been all my life???" Brad Nelson, Skip-Line, Inc.

Want to reduce bugs? Meet deadlines? Bring Jack into your facility for his one day Better Firmware Faster seminar. Over 5000 of your colleagues on six continents are now better developers as a result of this course. You'll learn how to estimate a schedule accurately, reduce bugs by an order of magnitude, manage reuse, build predictable real-time code, better ways to deal with uniquely embedded problems like reentrancy, heaps, stacks and hardware drivers, and much more. It's fast-paced, packed with information you can use today, and a lot of fun.

Expert Witness

From time to time I've been privileged to work as an expert witness. This is a fascinating area of work, as one gets to dive deeply into the technology of some very cool products. Find more information here.

Articles, Books and Tool Reviews

I have written over 900 articles about the unique and fascinating subject of embedded systems since 1988, and have a weekly column which I call Random Rants. I've also reviewed many books about embedded systems, and have written six as well.

Vendors make all sorts of claims about their tools, but real-world experience is much more important. Developers have contributed their opinions about a huge number of tools. Submit your own thoughts on tools you love or hate.

From salary surveys to articles about debouncing, ultra-low power design, consulting, floating point approximations, testing RAM, watchdog timers and much, much more - check out these free special reports about embedded issues.

Last updated 15-Jun-2015

New and Noteworthy

Do you need to reduce bugs in your firmware? Shorten schedules? My one-day Better Firmware Faster seminar will teach your team how to operate at a world-class level, producing code with far fewer bugs in less time. It's fast-paced, fun, and covers the unique issues faced by embedded developers. Here's information about how this class, taught at your facility, will measurably improve your team's effectiveness.

Class in India - I'll do a 3 day version of this class in Bangalore in July. Contact Santosh Iyer for more information.

New Video! Review of Saleae's Logic Pro logic analyzer.

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